Zarbon (ザーボン) is an alien character and villain in the animeDragon Ball Z, and the manga Dragon Ball, also making a short appearance in Dragon Ball GT. He is an elegant warrior who serves as Frieza's highest ranking General and right-hand man under the Galactic Frieza Army. His name comes from the Japanese word for the pomelo fruit (ザボン, or 朱欒).

Power Level Edit

Power level; 290

Gender : Female

HP: 5600

Energy; 20

Speed: 20

Stamina: 20

HP: 60

Melee Attack: 40

Ki Blast; 100

Defense: 30

Supers, Special and Ultimate Techniques Edit

Move (Up); Elegant Combination -

Move (Down); Bloody Dance -

Move (Right); Shooting Star Arrow - 

Move (Left); Destructive Sphere -

Special Move; Possibility Cannon - 

Ultimate Move; Elegant Blaster -

Power Level (Form) Edit


Power level; 350

HP: 6000

Energy; 10

Speed: 5

Stamina: 10

HP: 100

Melee Attack: 100

Ki Blast; 25

Defense: 100

Supers, Special, and Ultimate Techniques Edit

Move (Up); Energy Wave -

Move (Down); Elegant Blaster -

Move (Right); Continuous Energy Bullet - 

Move (Left); Possibility Cannon -

Special Move; Monster's Impact - 

Ultimate Move; Monster Crush -