The Spazer Beam, also referred to as the Spazer (スペイザーSupeizā?) for short, is a beam Navel occasionally obtains if he has Ki Blast Maxed Out. When shot, the beam splits into three lasers.

Overview Edit

Navel's Arm Cannon will be upgraded to a Power Beam Cannon. The Arm Cannon will shot the Spazer Beam if he has Ki Blast Maxed Out (200). When shot, the beam splits into three lasers. The color is a parallel Yellow. It inflicts heavy damage if the opponent receive all three lasers which will deal 300 (Max). And it can be done repeatedly 5 times max dealing a max of 1500 points. The best way to hit the opponent with all three beam is if the opponent is closer to you, anyways if you do shot them at the opponent, will flinch for a sec backing him up for one step allowing you to do a few more Ki Blast at him dealing massive damage to the opponent.

You can also shoot all three opponent if they gang on you to back them up one step or holding back while you have your comrades get to you, it works well that way too so you won't miss a shot.

The Charge Blast is also the same but more powerful but bit slower. The Spazer is way bigger and huge and very effective. You can used it to distract the opponent get to you to stop him from going towards you so he can take another route then you come and strike him fast before he even moves, but you need to have Speed Maxed Out for that, otherwise, you won't get there if you don't have enough speed. The Charge Blast or Charge Spazer Blast deals 150 per shot and is three so it deals 450 in total but it cannot be done repeatedly.