Sūi (スーイ) is a humanoid alien who work together as foot soldier in Frieza's interplanetary operations. They made their debut in the episode "Frieza Strikes!". Their names derived from the suika (Japanese for watermelon).

Power Level Edit

Power Level: 205

Max Power Level: 705

Health: 5300

Energy: 40

Speed: 25

Stamina: 40

Health: 30

Melee: 20

Ki Blast: 40

Defense: 10

Supers, Special and Ultimate Techniques Edit

Move (Up); Meteor Crash

Move (Down); Mine Throw

Move (Right); Beam Strike - The user shoots an energy ball.

Move (Left); Arm Cannon - A Variation of Beam Rifle.

Special Move; Super Beam Strike - The User shoots a huge Energy Ball.

Ultimate Move; Super Arm Cannon - The User shoots one long Beam towards the enemy.

Supporting Techniques Edit

Skill (Up); Super Front Jump

Skill (Down); Energy Charge - Recovers Ki's

Skill (Right); Arm Cannon Flash - Blinds the enemy with a flash.

Skill (Left); Rise to Action - Recovers Stamina

Special; Explosive Wave