Roberry (アプール) is an alien antagonist in the Dragon Ball series. He is a mid-ranking soldier in Frieza's army, with higher intelligence and power, above the unnamed Frieza Soldiers in ranks, but lower than Raspberry, Appule, Nabana, Ramon, Orlen, Monrei, GupreiZarbonDodoria, and Cui.


Roberry appears to be the same race as Appule. Although Roberry has dark brown skin and a light brown spotted pattern mainly on his arms, legs and head, also bright yellow eyes. Roberry is equipped with the same armour that Nappa wears. He is also equipped with a lime scouter.

Roberry is a tough fighter and very intelligent.

Galaxy Mode Edit

This are the following missions for Roberry along with his partner Appule.

Mission 1: Training Drill Edit

Roberry faces a Saibaman in a drill for training. When Roberry defeats the Saibamen in combat a new mission will reveal.

Reward: 10 pts. (the points are used to strengthen your character Roberry).

Mission 2: Tag Team Training Drill Edit

Roberry and Appule vs. two Saibamen in a tag team training drill. When you defeat the Saibamen's a new mission is reveal.

Reward: 20 pts.

Mission 3: Cui Appears! Edit

Roberry vs. Cui

a new mission is reveal after Cui's defeat.

Reward: 20 pts.

Mission 4: Appule's Race vs. Humanoids Edit

Roberry, Appule and Orlen vs. Guprei, Navel and Monrei

a new mission is reveal after defeating the Humanoids

Reward: 30 pts.

Mission 5: Appule's Race vs. The Saiyans Edit

Roberry, Appule and Orlen vs. Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta

a Boss Mission is reveal along with a Bonus Mission

Reward: 40 pts.

Boss Mission: Appule's Race vs. The Ginyu Force Edit

Roberry, Orlen and Appule vs. Burter, Jeice, and Recoome

after defeating the Ginyu Force, Frieza will congratulate you for winning the Tag Team Tournament and hangs over the trophie to you as a prize. A new mission is reveal after your victory with the Ginyu Force.

Reward: 50 pts.

Reward: Ramon (Fighter)

Bonus Mission: Courage Edit

Mission 6

Mission 7

Mission 8

Bonus Mission

Mission 9

Boss Mission

Mission 11

Mission 12

Mission 13

Bonus Mission

Mission 14

Mission 15

Boss Mission

Ultimate Battle

Bonus Mission

Power Level Edit

Power Level; 210

Maximum Power level; 710

Awaken Power Level; 800

Character Type Edit


Ability Edit

I won't Die...; This ability triggers at the start of the battle: Recovers 5% of HP throughout the battle.

Stats Edit

Health; 54000

Energy; 5

Speed: 5

Stamina; 40

Health; 40

Melee; 40

Ki Blast; 40

Defense; 40

Supers, Special and Ultimate Techniques Edit

Consecutive Energy Blast - Roberry

Roberry preforming a Consecutive Energy Blast

Super (Up): Energy Ball; A red and yellow ball, Roberry fires one or two Energy Ball from the hand. The ball duplicates into five small balls chasing its target and explodes if make contact with anything it touches.

Consecutive Energy Blast - Robe

Roberry continues firing the Consecutive Energy Blast

Super (Down): Sledgehammer; A strike move where Roberry cups his hands together and reels back, then slams their fists on the opponent like a sledgehammer.

Super (Right): Consecutive Energy Blast; An Energy Barrage technique used by Roberry.

Energy Shot - Roberry

Roberry preforming an Energy Shot

Super (Left): Energy Shot; A basic Ki Blast technique where the user fires a chargeable Ki Blast that is more powerful than a regular Ki Blast as the user puts more energy into the technique by charging it.

Special: Full Power Energy Wave; A red and yellow, Roberry puts his hand in the side of his body and unleashes a red and yellow wave of energy from his hand.

Ultimate Technique: Destructive Energy Ball; A strong variation of Energy Ball. A large, red and yellow, Roberry fires one Full Power Energy Balls from the hand. The ball duplicates into five small balls chasing its target and explodes if make contact with anything it touches dealing deadly damage.

Unlockable TechniquesEdit

The following moves can  be unlock by playing throught the Galaxy mode with Roberry.


Energy SpheresShoot moveable energy that stay on the field. Extra shots can be made with Energy .


Full Power Energy BallRoberry creates a sphere of energy and then fires it at the opponent.

Evasive Techniques and Support Edit

Technique (Up); I'm Not Done Yet!; Health slowly regen for a short time.

Roberry Kick

Roberry Kicks at the opponent

Technique (Down): Afterimage; A technique used by Roberry to evade the opponent's attack. This has the side effect of leaving a momentary "after image", until the opponent's senses adapt and realize their target has moved. It is used to dodge an incoming attack and get behind the opponent to perform a counterattack.  

Technique (Right): Super Back Jump: Roberry preforms a backwards somersault to avoid attacks or to put some distance between them and the opponent.

Technique (Left): Back-flip; Roberry preforms a backward back-flip with one hand to avoid attack or to put some short distance between them and the opponent before attacking.

Special Technique: Explosive Afterimage; This technique is a short burst of extremely high speed, moving faster than the opponent can sense. This has the side effect of leaving a momentary explosive"after image", until the opponent's realize their target has moved leaving him a explosive trap. It is used to dodge an incoming attack and get behind the opponent to perform a counterattack. 

Unlockable Edit

False Courage; is a supportive technique used by Roberry that raises Roberry defense capacity by faking bravery through ignorant fearlessness. The technique makes Roberry immune to being stunned or paralyzed.