Ice Barrier (パーフェクトバリヤー) is an energy ice shield used by Kaiwareman.

Overview Edit

Kaiwareman curls his arms and legs together as he charges a light blue aura with electric and ice around his body. He then brings them apart and expels a giant ice barrier around his body, capable of blocking certain attacks, similar to the Super Explosive Wave.

Effect Edit

It always causes 20% of damage to the opponent and 30% to freeze the opponent if the opponent is in the barrier and as a result he freezes them for 5 seconds aloud you to put a good strike combo or a special or even your ultimate move and 20% chance to knock your opponent down. If the Opponent doesn't get knock down or freeze It put them back from the barrier. The Barrier heals your ally's by 20% of health if the ally is in the barrier.

Stats Edit

This move requires Energy to inflict more damage and 5 slots of Stamina to used this move.

Others Edit

This move is similar to Cell's "Perfect Barrier" and to Kaiwareman's Ultimate Move.