Burter (バータ) is the fastest member of the Ginyu Force. Nicknamed the "Blue Hurricane", he often performs combo attacks with Jeice, such as the Purple Comet Hurricane. Burter's Japanese name, Bāta, is off from the word Butter rearranged; he is called Butta (in Viz's manga), or Burta to reflect the name pun.

Power Level Edit

Power Level; 400

Max Power Level; 900

Health; 5800

Energy: 10

Speed: 200

Stamina: 10

HP: 80

Melee Attack: 40

Ki Blast: 20

Defense: 40

Supers, Special and Ultimate Techniques Edit

Super (Up); Match Attack

Super (Down); Super Blue Hurricane

Super (Right); Full Power Energy Ball

Super (Left); Blue Impulse

Special; Space Match Attack

Ultimate; Purple Comet Hurricane

Evasive Techniques Edit

Skill (Up); Full Power Charge

Skill (Down); Super Guard

Skill (Right); Burter Pose

Skill (Left); Afterimage

Special; Blue Hurricane